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            Jeremy de Beer

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            Jeremy De Beer is a professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law and a co-founding director of?the Open African Innovation Research network, Open AIR. He is also a Faculty Member of the?Centre for Law, Technology and Society, a Senior?Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, and a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cape Town’s IP Unit. As a practicing lawyer and intellectual property expert, he has argued over a dozen cases before the Supreme Court of Canada,?advised businesses and law firms both large and small, and consulted for agencies from national governments?and?the United Nations. Read more in his bio here.

            Research ? Writing ? Speaking ?? Teaching ? Law Practice

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            Technology Innovation

            Social and economic change happens when new technologies disrupt old ideas. Professor de Beer studies how law and business can bring about progress through open and collaborative innovation.

            Intellectual Property

            Control over information?shapes the global knowledge economy. Professor de Beer’s research seeks to?understand and influence the law of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and secrets.

            Trade &?Development

            Innovation systems and legal frameworks operate internationally. Professor de Beer is an expert on the effects of global trade governance on IP?law, policy, and practice.

            Get in touch.

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